End Hunger Fast

National Day of Fasting - Family fasting

There is Poverty in London

We believe that every young person has the creativity, passion and determination to change the world around them. And we believe that by supporting education and encouraging entrepreneurship, we can empower young people to realise their full potential.

That's why we're here. We want to unlock the potential of young people and work towards a vision of a world where every young person can make a difference.

What we can do

  • Support local organisations to run low cost, sustainable, replicable projects.
  • Encourage the importance of dental health so that the children do not become malnourished
  • Developing and sharing methods of working with young people.
  • Acting as an advocate for the rights of disadvantaged young people in Africa.

Families in the UK are having to budget and make cut-backs to provide food on the table and clean school uniforms. There are many organisations in the UK that can help families with the support systems that they need.

There are many organisations that can help families get tokens for food or can help them find trusted suppliers of cheaper necessities. These organisations can help you find a cheap pushchair that will last longer than you need, they can help you find a way to get the children to school on time whilst getting your self to work.

For more information: If you're ever struggling, speak to Action for Children

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